we believe in natural ingredients and showcasing the joy inherent in them. The simple, yet stupidly complicated real sourdough process is a perfect illustration of this approach and represents a lot of what we do around here.

Sourdough bread is ancient and modern. It is nature at its best. Simplicity, Beauty, Texture, Taste, Aroma, Nutrition, Efficient and to be Shared. It adopts terroir, climate, ingredients, time and the love expressed through noble labour.

“This is what makes sourdough bread essential.” Markus Farbinger

The result is bread that takes much longer to make because the culture is not as fast acting as commercial yeast. This slow process is what allows the dough to develop the typical flavour, texture and healthful quality of artisan sourdough bread.

Sourdough bread retains a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, making it super beneficial to your day-to-day health. Inform yourself about what makes a good sourdough bread. Ask and be educated for your own benefit. Beware of artisan shaped commercial breads passed off as sourdoughs that are often available at Supermarkets and pseudo deli’s. They may look great, but you are often nutritionally and gastronomically better off eating the photographs of them than the actual “bread”.

A Healthy person could walk from our Cafe to Hermanus in the time it takes us to make a loaf.

Our sourdough takes 48 hours to make from humble beginnings as incredible flour and water mixture, to culture to mother to dough to bread. Most other traditional breads take anything from four to six hours to make.

Commercial bread, like your school lunch ‘government loaf’ can be manufactured within 90 minutes, and that includes cooling! We’re not sure that stuff should remain classified as bread! No, actually, we are sure!

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