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 Introducing a gallery space that’s designed to be whatever you need it to be. Need a quieter space to do some work? How about a place to meet with clients? 

With Kelly (our in-house baker extraordinaire) shaping sourdough boules or pulling fresh croissants out of the oven nearby, you can enjoy a quiet coffee to accompany your work or to meet with clients. 

Want to host an event here? This is a versatile space, open to anyone looking for a spacious, warm and quiet venue. 

The Art:

From the Ground Up: a Hasie & The Robots / Wulfberg collaboration

From the very beginning; completely; thoroughly. 

Construction begins with the foundation: we’ve changed our form and we’ve had to learn new systems—from the ground up.

Hasie & The Robots

Hasie & The Robots is a brand created and owned by artist and illustrator Johan Johnston, creating original and kick-ass designs. Hasie focuses on limited-edition and individual creations by collaborating with brands that produce quality products, adding a personal touch to every design project.

Hasie is always on the scout for projects that will stimulate the senses, sharpen skills and keep the creative monster fed. Nothing makes him happier than working on the intricate details of designs and watching as they come alive.

Hasie has known Wulfberg since school: they did art together and both loved to push boundaries, and wanted to create their own style. Their journeys have differed along the way but they ended up working together again: Hasie sent out the signal last year and Wulf rocked up with a broom and a hunger to paint everything.

Hasie’s inspiration is everything that’s not conventional, everything you don’t understand, and everything you have been told isn’t cool…


Blending styles and influences from bygone eras and ones to come, Wulfberg was born from ‘80s nostalgia. Inspired by a youth of Spy vs. Spy, ThunderCats, Pink Panther, Contra, Ghetto3000 parties and skateboarding, he delivers a bold message. His deeply ingrained love for mark-making weaves through his work, explored through bold colours and lines.


Wulfberg is the post-apocalyptic superhero alter ego of Cape Town-based artist Rudolf Liebenberg. The name derives from the Germanic Wolf: the ‘u’ from his birth name and the ‘berg’ from his surname come together, and Wulfberg is born.


Sensory bliss is the fuel that keeps the Wulfberg fire burning. The sounds of a spray can being shaken; skateboard wheels rolling on tarmac; paint being mixed; a pencil on a page; Fat-nib markers on smooth wood; paint over urban concrete masses layered with old torn posters; early morning coffee aromas; thick morning mist with the sounds of a fog horn; late-night street lights on wet roads. These things help him connect to his inner Wulf.


“We all look at the same moon.

How we howl at it makes the difference.

Feel your inner power. Run free, like a pack of wolves into the starry night.”


Wulfberg is a brand of culture. A post-pandemic expressive culture of humans reconnecting: with each other, animals and nature, through any art form possible.


In this project, Wulfberg connects with a long-lost friend from school: the massive creative force and brand that is Hasie & The Robots. Haas and Wulf grew up in the Cape Town CBD, met in school art class and crafted their skills together for years – all while teachers told them they don’t do real Art. On a mission to prove them wrong, they went out in the world and figured out their crafts respectively. Two decades later, in 2021, both met up again in Cape Town, this time with 20 years of creative flex built up in their armoury. It took just one phone call for them to shred up a 20m x 3m wall in a Woodstock warehouse over a couple of days. It felt like they were ‘90s teenagers again, throwing paint and having a time. Since that day they could not stop the collaborative beast from forging the exhibition you see today.


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