Infatuated with coffee? Always wanted to taste a selection of the Truth Coffee range but don’t want to face the jitters of a succession of cups ? Take a walk over to the dark side on a tour and cupping session with one of our exceptional coffee geeks. Cupping is the practice of evaluating and scoring a coffee and it involves rudely slurping of coffee, just like mom told not to do as kids. Join us for coffee made subversive.


Price : R150pp

Duration : 30 min

Pax : 1-10

Geek Session

Looking to get your hands a little dirty while brewing your own perfect cup of coffee but could use our help? We have a perfect brewing method for that. The Abid Clever dripper is our choice of tool to have in any kitchen and now you get to find out why. This 60 minute session gives you the backstage pass to tour our coffee production, gets you to brew and taste up to 4 different coffees and you have a coffee geek guiding you down the path to caffeine nirvana. This geeky session shows the intricacies of brewing a cup of coffee and how many variables actually come into play. A step-by-step usable guide to a perfect coffee.


Price : R300pp
Duration : 60 min
Pax : 1-6

The Full House

Every coffee lover’s indulgent dream – a dedicated coffee professional for your delight. a private booth booked out just for you, a coffee tasting session designed around you, paired with a dessert of your choice, a private tour of our coffee roasting production, a demonstration of coffee roasting and even a curated coffee gift bag to go home with to commemorate the experience. A unique and exclusive insider’s view of our coffee.

What is in the bag? 

Truth Coffee Mug
225g bag of a coffee from the Truth Coffee range
Coffee from the roasting demonstration

Price : R1000 pp
Duration : up to 2 hours
Pax : 1-4

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